Bliss: Supreme happiness, utter joy or contentment

Bliss: Supreme happiness, utter joy or contentment

You don’t have to be receiving a full-body massage by a Calvin Klein underwear model while sipping a strawberry daiquiri on a white sandy beach to be in a state of bliss (although that would do nicely!).

To me, anything that makes your life a little easier or a little better fits in that category. You know that feeling of all-over relief when you discover something that just totally handles a worry or problem you’ve been having. It may be fleeting, but it does feel like bliss for a moment.

As moms, we have a lot to worry about. But despite all that, if you could fill up your day with little moments of bliss, you’d be pretty happy all the time! This blog is my attempt at providing some of those moments for you. The topics may range from tips on eco-friendly and baby-safe products to how to plan a family vacation in Italy.

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