Getting Dewy Skin with Simple Tips

Getting Dewy Skin with Simple Tips

Get Dewy Skin with Simple Tips

You’ve seen it on every social media influencer from Instagram, to TikTok, to Youtube. You may have even seen it on Twitch. It is a staple in every public personality’s flawless appearance. I’m talking, of course, about dewy skin.


How to get dewy skin?

Yes, how to get dewy skin is something that every social media star and celebrity seems to have mastered.

This could be because they have dewy skin naturally, but most likely it’s because they can afford the best skin care and cosmetic products.

But don’t throw the towel in yet. Just because you may not have the funds to purchase influencer-approved products for dewy skin, it doesn’t mean you can’t still achieve that sought after fresh-faced look. Read on to discover how to get dewy skin without spending a fortune.



Dewy skin is associated with that soft, glowing sheen that makes us look fresh off a weeks’ vacation. But what is dewy skin exactly? It is a result of light bouncing off the water in your skin cells. It’s this refraction of light that creates the ethereal glow we envy in those with dewy skin. To achieve this glow, we need to increase our skin hydration.

It’s best to use both a glycerin, or hyaluronic acid based serum like our Anti-Aging Rose Water combined with a moisturizer to improve skin hydration.

The serum is responsible for hydrating your skin cells, while the moisturizer helps to lock in that moisture.

For quick hydration throughout the day, you can also try this Makeup Setting Spray.

It’s natural, organic botanical ingredients keeps your skin looking fresh by reducing the appearance of fine lines. It’s perfect for when your skin needs a little “pick-me-up” later in the day.


Cleansing and Exfoliating

Cleansing and exfoliating your skin are crucial for getting dewy skin.

Proper cleansing skin care removes impurities from your pores, while exfoliating removes dead skin cells, and stimulates new cell growth in their place. Not to mention that cleansed and exfoliated skin looks younger and healthier, which contributes to getting that dewy skin look.

When shopping for cleansers, it’s important to look for something that isn’t too drying like our Facial Cleansing Balm & Makeup Remover.

Exfoliators can be either physical or chemical. Both types of products are effective, but physical exfoliators can sometimes work faster.

The key to finding the right physical exfoliator is to find one that’s not too harsh on your skin. Do take note that over exfoliating your skin or doing it too roughly can actually do more damage than help. Remember, skin care doesn't mean scrubbing your face off.


Vitamin C

If you want to maintain a dewy skin complexion, you should also invest in a Vitamin C serum.

Vitamin C brightens skin tone and promotes skin cell turnover. Plus, it helps to neutralize free radicals, meaning younger looking skin. Vitamin C serums are available in all price ranges, but Vitamin C derivatives can sometimes be finicky in skincare, meaning not all serums or products are the same.

For example, our Vitamin C Moisturizer acts both as not only a moisturizer, but also a great skin brightener.

To help tighten pores, you can also try our Vitamin C Facial Toner and still get the benefits of Vitamin C.   


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