Just Don't Go There

Just Don't Go There

Since becoming a mom, you’ve probably noticed that your attendance to birthday parties has markedly increased. And with that, your consumption of party foods, which are not usually the healthiest eats.

Chatting away with a fellow mom next to the refreshments table, you may not even realize that you are eating more than your share of cookies, chips or cupcakes. And by “more than your share,” I mean more than you normally would if you were at home. Then you get home, feeling super-full and guilty, and you think “Why did I DO that?!” Been there, done that.

So here’s a few things you can do to avoid that whole ugly scenario.

1) Eat well before you leave for the party. Don’t skip a meal thinking, “I can eat at the party.” If you arrive at the party hungry, you will go for the quickest fix – carbs.

2) Step away from the refreshments table. Just don’t go there! Because, if you ate before you came, you’re not hungry. You’re just eating because it looks yummy. If you must eat something, put it on a plate and then walk away. Don’t graze.

3) Admire the skinny moms that are there and remember they are that way because they do 1 & 2 above (and probably other things too, like going to the gym at least 3 times a week, unless they’re naturally skinny and then you can just hate them).

Ok, good luck! I hope this has been inspiring.

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