Less [Ingredients] Is More!

Less [Ingredients] Is More!

By guest blogger Claire Malloy

I was once told you can avoid putting a lot of processed foods and chemicals into your body if you eat things with fewer ingredients that you can easily pronounce. Meaning, if there’s 20 ingredients and they sound like new compounds on the periodic table, it’s not helping your body or organs.

Going further than that, you’ve probably heard your biggest organ is your skin. We all absorb all kinds of things into our skin, but if you’re a make-up wearing, new-product loving lady like I am, your skin in particular is taking in a lot. Thankfully, in this day and age you can find a lot of mineral based, natural makeup that doesn’t damage your skin. But what about your makeup setting spray?

I for one, love my makeup once it’s done, but the thought of the time it takes in the morning to put it all on makes me a little crazy. So to have to put it on more than once a day is super unappealing, which makes a make-up setter VERY appealing.

But what I found in researching some of the top make-up setting sprays on the market now is that you can be diligent about applying all natural make-up, sunscreen, moisturizer, toner and every other product you use, but with one spray of your setting spray, seal all the chemicals you avoided back in! One of the top rated generic setting sprays has 32 ingredients, 2 of which I can pronounce because they are “water” and “fragrance.” Why would you avoid eating chemicals only to put them on your skin daily?

That’s why I love the Bella Jade Make-up Setting Spray. With ingredients like green and white tea extract combined with the refreshing scent, you feel like you’re actually putting something good for you on your skin. It’s so refreshing it feels like I don’t even have any make-up on, but by the end of the day my makeup is still all in place.

I discovered this product just a couple days before Valentine’s Day and there couldn’t be a more perfect time. I’ve already recommended it to all the girls in my life and it was definitely passed around in the getting-ready-before-all-our-Valentine’s plans.

Switch to Bella Jade and tell me what you think! I’m sure you’ll be feeling fresher with the first spritz.

xoxo babes!

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