Serums Versus Moisturizers – What’s the Difference?

Serums Versus Moisturizers – What’s the Difference?

Guest post by Claire Malloy

I get that I need to moisturize, but why and what is a serum?

Wait, actually, why DO I have to moisturize?

You’ve been surrounded by moisturizers and moisturizing products from when you were a baby so the concept of a moisturizer may be more familiar. From Johnson & Johnson® moisturizing baby soap, to the fad moisturizers from when you were 13, to what you use now, the concept is pretty simple.

The main thing moisturizers do is: surprise! Moisturize. They keep liquid in. They soak the skin and give it the hydration that is sometimes lost in day-to-day weather and wear.

Back to what we always remind you of – your body is made up of mostly water. So over-all you will tend to do better with more moisture, and this doesn’t leave out your skin. That is the sole purpose of it – to coat the outer layer of the skin, bring in hydration and keep it there. Super simple and super necessary!

Ok, I like simple. So I can forget the serum then? Not quite.

Serum is important because while it may provide some hydration, it has some much bigger jobs that go well beneath the surface of the top, exposed layer of your skin. The biggest difference is that serum can penetrate your skin, moisturizer doesn’t. Moisturizer sits on the surface layer and hydrates that area. But serum is what gets deep into your skin layers and basically helps tell your skin what to do!

The great thing is there are serums with so many focuses: anti-aging, acne, age spots, dull skin, dry skin, oily skin – you name it. Serum is designed to cater to a certain problem or series of problems or concerns in your skin. The idea is to heal your skin from the inside.

So you can see, moisturizing is really just square one. It’s a must for men and women alike. The serum is where you can really focus on the personal improvement and health of your skin.

So gently wash that face, exfoliate once a week and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize — but also serum-ize!

Xoxo Babes

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