The Best-Kept Secret To Keep Your Makeup Looking Flawless All Day Long

The Best-Kept Secret To Keep Your Makeup Looking Flawless All Day Long

Oh no – it’s just after lunch and already your makeup is starting to fade away! What to do?

The magic of makeup setting spray is here to rescue you!

What is setting Spray?

Also known as fixing sprays, these miracle mists set your makeup and prevent it from creasing, smudging or fading, so you can avoid those dismaying “makeup meltdowns.” They keep your look locked in place and looking perfect all day long.

Many makeup gurus say that all you need is primer. But even though primers can help to hold makeup in place, they aren’t nearly as effective as makeup setting sprays.

How to apply makeup setting spray

  1. Once you‘ve put on your foundation, mascara, and all your other beauty goodies, it’s time for the last flourishing touch to finish off your work of art. Let’s get your makeup locked in with setting spray.
  2. First, shake your bottle well. The ingredients need to be fully mixed to work its best before you spray it on.
  3. Ready – set! Close your eyes and spray evenly 10-12 inches from your face. Be sure to avoid getting the spray in your eyes.
  4. After applying the spray, allow 20 seconds to dry. Don’t try to dry it with a blow dryer – let it dry naturally so your skin doesn’t get irritated. And be sure not to blend the spray anywhere on your face, because this could end up ruining your makeup.
  5. You’re all set – have a worry-free day without a care about your makeup fading throughout the day!

If you want a great setting spray, Bella Jade’s Natural Makeup Setting Spray is a bestseller – because it really works! Just spray it on and it keeps your makeup looking flawless all day – with no makeup coming off.

Our fast-drying, feather-light mist can also be used throughout the day to give you a refreshing burst of hydration and revitalizing, anti-aging benefits. Ideal as a pick-me-up for dry skin, and safe for all skin types. Loaded with nourishing botanicals, it is gentle, non-irritating, and contains no parabens, petro-chemicals or artificial fragrances. It also provides instant tightening, increased elasticity and a reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, so your skin always has a friend at hand.

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